Catastrophic Thinking

The road to depression

Are you thinking about suicide, please make contact (24/7, anonymous) with, or call 0800-0113.

The catch-22 of depression

The catch-22 of depression: when you really are in the middle of depression (i.e., when you need help the most), nothing works. Only after that, when things are a little better (i.e., when you need help less), then help can work.

Everyone’s Secret about depression

If everyone lies about their pain then everyone thinks: ah, he or she has everything together, everything is going well with his/her relationship, children, work and finances. My relationship, children, work and finances are terrible. What am I doing wrong?

How to deal with someone with depression

How to deal with someone with depression? Phone or visit and be kind to someone who is very unkind to themselves. Do not condemn, do not want to cure, but comfort, support, understand, accept and encourage.

Depression and perception

Depression is catastrophizing. What is catastrophizing? You are not looking through rose colored glasses (infatuation), but through pitch black glasses (depression). Perception is the glasses you put on your nose.

Second problem

A disaster happens in your life. If you start catastrophizing 24/7, then that results in constant, extreme stress and your body and head explode – in short, depression. This is one more problem, the second, bigger problem.

Your depression is created by you

A disaster happens in your life. That is terrible. But the real disaster is your reaction to that disaster. Which you therefore create yourself. That reaction, that is the depression, and it is bigger than the initial disaster.

Feel the pain

It is logical and human and understandable that you do not want to feel the pain of the disaster. If you start denying or numbing that pain, it is waiting for you. How can you process pain? By actually feeling the pain.